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here you can write little background stories about your character
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introduce yourself

here you can introduce your char.
4 8 von Ijaron »
am 27.03.2016 00:15
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East Area

here are the the mountains and some active volcanos with many many cliffs and caves
1 25 von Ijaron »
am 07.04.2016 16:42

Northern Area

here are the coldest places in wilderworld perfect for ice dragons
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Dark land

here live the darkest and dangerous creatures of wilderworld better watch your step when you walk through this dead landscape
1 1 von Ijaron »
am 19.03.2016 13:19

Center Area

this is like a neutral zone but without neutrality here are many fields and a great sea /lake and there also is a waterfall
3 3 von Shawsty »
am 04.07.2016 21:18

West Area

here are beautifull woods and jungles with many rivers and some caves / dens a perfect place to hunt and live for wolves and werewolves
1 28 von Kiba »
am 28.08.2016 20:27

South Area

here are the dry and hot wastelands
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