Welcome to wilderworld

you are in a huge forrest as a old and powerfull looking dragon with beautifull saphire coloured scales lands in front of you,

you are afraid of him as he lowers his head looks at you.

a deep voice rises, the voice of the dragon.

"welcome stranger my name is Wisdom, behind me is a new and very dangerous world called Wilderworld created by me!"

you get curious and want to introduce yourself but he wasn't done talking yet.

"you don't have to introduce yourself i already know who you are now listen to me!

in Wilderworld there you need to survive in a very dangerous place, i won't help you there,

now go on if you think you can live here or go away if you don't have the courage for it!"

after speaking the last words he vanishes into thin air and disapears,

you see a portal that wasn't there before, it will disapear when you are on the other side so there will be no way back.

are you going through or will you stay in your world?

your name should be realistic i mean nobody has a name like "superkiller200" cause that isn't a name

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